What's new?

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What's new?
Version 1.0

All is new! Ok, not all, but many things were changed. In fact Leo<HTML> is now more flexible than ever.
The brand new Features are:

  • user defined tag support
  • advanced init system
  • a useful Javascript library for:
    • File access
    • HTML Lexer
    • Basic tag classes
    • many tags you already now from Leo<HTML> , eg.: the <filelist> tag.
and much more.

But There is also a new feature that makes this version of Leo<HTML> incompatible to previos version: The macro substitution has been changed. Now it is easier, cause it simple uses the backslash mechanism.

// old style 
  <macro name="foo" text="foo$bar$"> 
// new style 
  <macro name="foo" text="foo\"bar\""> 

If you still wan't to use the old mechanism you have to call Leo<HTML> with the command line option --old_macro_style.

This page was created by King Leo . Page generator was Leo<HTML> version 0.99.0 .