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DefineOpen Class Reference

handles the user define tag. More...

#include <define.h>

Inheritance diagram for DefineOpen::

Tag List of all members.

Public Types

typedef std::list< Parameterparameter_list
typedef parameter_list::iterator parameter_list_it

Public Methods

 DefineOpen (Line &line)
 DefineOpen ()
bool operator! () const
 class not a tag?;. More...

bool is_valid () const
std::string get_name () const
parameter_list get_parameters () const
std::string get_init_class () const
std::string get_function () const
std::string get_interpreter () const
Type get_type () const
int get_level () const
Line get_line () const
std::string get_command (Tag &user_tag) const
 created the command for the javascript interpreter. More...

bool is_nested () const
bool get_real_tag () const

Private Types

typedef std::list< Parpar_list
typedef par_list::iterator par_list_it
typedef std::list< DPARdpar_list
typedef dpar_list::iterator dpar_list_it

Private Methods

bool extract_type (std::string type)
void extract_parameters ()

Static Private Methods

bool par_comp (Par &a, Par &b)
bool dpar_comp (DPAR &a, DPAR &b)

Private Attributes

std::string name
parameter_list parameters
std::string init_class
std::string function
std::string interpreter
Type type
bool nested
int level
bool real_tag
 get the real tag as a parameter. More...


bool operator!= (const DPAR &d, const int n)

Detailed Description

handles the user define tag.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::list<DPAR> DefineOpen::dpar_list [private]

typedef dpar_list::iterator DefineOpen::dpar_list_it [private]

typedef std::list<Par> DefineOpen::par_list [private]

typedef par_list::iterator DefineOpen::par_list_it [private]

typedef std::list<Parameter> DefineOpen::parameter_list

typedef parameter_list::iterator DefineOpen::parameter_list_it

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum DefineOpen::Type

Enumeration values:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DefineOpen::DefineOpen Line   line

DefineOpen::DefineOpen   [inline]

Member Function Documentation

bool DefineOpen::dpar_comp DPAR   a,
DPAR   b
[inline, static, private]

void DefineOpen::extract_parameters   [private]

bool DefineOpen::extract_type std::string    t [private]

std::string DefineOpen::get_command Tag   user_tag const

created the command for the javascript interpreter.

std::string DefineOpen::get_function   const [inline]

std::string DefineOpen::get_init_class   const [inline]

std::string DefineOpen::get_interpreter   const [inline]

int DefineOpen::get_level   const [inline]

Line DefineOpen::get_line   const [inline]

Reimplemented from Tag.

std::string DefineOpen::get_name   const [inline]

parameter_list DefineOpen::get_parameters   const [inline]

bool DefineOpen::get_real_tag   const [inline]

Type DefineOpen::get_type   const [inline]

bool DefineOpen::is_nested   const [inline]

bool DefineOpen::is_valid   const [inline]

bool DefineOpen::operator!   const [inline]

class not a tag?;.

Reimplemented from Tag.

bool DefineOpen::par_comp Par   a,
Par   b
[inline, static, private]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

bool operator!= const DPAR   d,
const int    n

Member Data Documentation

std::string DefineOpen::function [private]

std::string DefineOpen::init_class [private]

std::string DefineOpen::interpreter [private]

int DefineOpen::level [private]

Reimplemented from Tag.

std::string DefineOpen::name [private]

bool DefineOpen::nested [private]

parameter_list DefineOpen::parameters [private]

bool DefineOpen::real_tag [private]

get the real tag as a parameter.

Type DefineOpen::type [private]

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