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FileLink Class Reference

class representing the file tag. More...

#include <filelink.h>

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HookTag FileList List of all members.

Public Types

typedef CppDir::File::size_type size_type

Public Methods

 FileLink (Line &line, bool used_by_filelist=false)
bool operator! () const
 class not a tag?;. More...

void set_dir (std::string cd)
 set the directory of the file. More...

std::string get_link ()
std::string get_link (std::string current_dir)
std::string get_expr () const
std::string get_origdir () const
std::string get_publicdir () const
std::string get_title () const
bool display_size () const
bool display_date () const
std::string get_tag ()
bool has_hook ()
std::string get_hook ()

Protected Types


Protected Methods

std::string get_file (std::string current_dir)
size_type get_file_size () const
 returns the file size in kb. More...

std::string get_file_name () const
std::string get_file_date () const
std::string get_tag_type () const
 returns something like "menu". More...

bool get_option (std::string o, std::string &s)
 returns the specific string to the option. More...

bool get_option (std::string o)
 checks for flag options. More...

std::string get_basename (std::string title)
 extracts the basename of a file. More...

void delete_default_options ()
bool match (std::string name)
bool match (std::string expr, std::string name)
SortType get_sorttype (std::string s)
Sort get_sort (std::string s)
CppDir::File match (CppDir::Directory::file_list &fl)
 find the correct file. More...

bool get_warning () const
std::string get_options ()
 returns a string with all options. More...

Protected Attributes

std::string expr
std::string origdir
std::string publicdir
std::string title
bool size_info
size_type file_size
std::string file_name
bool date
std::string file_date
std::string format
std::string ignore
bool regex
bool basename
SortType sorttype
Sort sort
int sortnumber
bool used_by_filelist
std::string current_dir

Detailed Description

class representing the file tag.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef CppDir::File::size_type FileLink::size_type

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum FileLink::Sort [protected]

Enumeration values:

enum FileLink::SortType [protected]

Enumeration values:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FileLink::FileLink Line   line,
bool    ubfl = false

Member Function Documentation

void FileLink::delete_default_options   [protected]

Reimplemented from Tag.

bool FileLink::display_date   const [inline]

bool FileLink::display_size   const [inline]

std::string FileLink::get_basename std::string    title [protected]

extracts the basename of a file.

std::string FileLink::get_expr   const [inline]

std::string FileLink::get_file std::string    current_dir [protected]

std::string FileLink::get_file_date   const [inline, protected]

std::string FileLink::get_file_name   const [inline, protected]

size_type FileLink::get_file_size   const [inline, protected]

returns the file size in kb.

before using this function get_file() has tobe called

std::string FileLink::get_hook   [inline]

Reimplemented from HookTag.

std::string FileLink::get_link std::string    current_dir

Reimplemented in FileList.

std::string FileLink::get_link   [inline]

get the link, by using the directory that was set with set_dir() before

Reimplemented in FileList.

bool FileLink::get_option std::string    o [inline, protected]

checks for flag options.

Reimplemented from Tag.

bool FileLink::get_option std::string    o,
std::string &    s
[inline, protected]

returns the specific string to the option.

if the tag is <menu name="blah"> and you call get_option( "name" ) it returns "blah". If the option is not set the function returns false and if the option is set, but contains no string an empty string is returned

Reimplemented from Tag.

std::string FileLink::get_options   [inline, protected]

returns a string with all options.

Reimplemented from Tag.

std::string FileLink::get_origdir   const [inline]

std::string FileLink::get_publicdir   const [inline]

FileLink::Sort FileLink::get_sort std::string    s [protected]

FileLink::SortType FileLink::get_sorttype std::string    s [protected]

std::string FileLink::get_tag  

std::string FileLink::get_tag_type   const [inline, protected]

returns something like "menu".

Reimplemented from Tag.

std::string FileLink::get_title   const [inline]

bool FileLink::get_warning   const [inline, protected]

bool FileLink::has_hook   [inline]

Reimplemented from HookTag.

CppDir::File FileLink::match CppDir::Directory::file_list   fl [protected]

find the correct file.

bool FileLink::match std::string    expr,
std::string    name

bool FileLink::match std::string    name [inline, protected]

bool FileLink::operator!   const [inline]

class not a tag?;.

Reimplemented from Tag.

Reimplemented in FileList.

void FileLink::set_dir std::string    cd [inline]

set the directory of the file.

Member Data Documentation

bool FileLink::basename [protected]

std::string FileLink::current_dir [protected]

bool FileLink::date [protected]

std::string FileLink::expr [protected]

std::string FileLink::file_date [protected]

std::string FileLink::file_name [protected]

size_type FileLink::file_size [protected]

std::string FileLink::format [protected]

std::string FileLink::ignore [protected]

std::string FileLink::origdir [protected]

std::string FileLink::publicdir [protected]

bool FileLink::regex [protected]

bool FileLink::size_info [protected]

Sort FileLink::sort [protected]

int FileLink::sortnumber [protected]

SortType FileLink::sorttype [protected]

std::string FileLink::title [protected]

bool FileLink::used_by_filelist [protected]

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