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InterpreterHandler Class Reference

handles a list of interpreters. More...

#include <ih.h>

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Public Methods

 InterpreterHandler (Precompiler &precompiler)
 ~InterpreterHandler ()
bool have_one (Interpreter::Type type)
 checks, if we already have such an type of interpreter. More...

Interpreterget_default ()
 returns the default interpreter. More...

bool add (Interpreter *ip)
 add a new interpreter to the list. More...

bool have_default ()
Interpreterget_one (Interpreter::Type type)
 returns an interpreter that matches this type. More...

Interpreterget_one (std::string name)
bool create_one (Interpreter::Type type, std::istream &in, std::ostream &out, std::ostream &err, bool default_int=false)
 creates a new interpreter and adds it to the list. More...

Private Types

typedef std::list< Interpreter *> interpreter_list
typedef interpreter_list::iterator interpreter_list_it

Private Attributes

interpreter_list il

Detailed Description

handles a list of interpreters.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::list<Interpreter*> InterpreterHandler::interpreter_list [private]

typedef interpreter_list::iterator InterpreterHandler::interpreter_list_it [private]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

InterpreterHandler::InterpreterHandler Precompiler   precompiler [inline]


Member Function Documentation

bool InterpreterHandler::add Interpreter   ip

add a new interpreter to the list.

do not delete it. This will be done by the handler

bool InterpreterHandler::create_one Interpreter::Type    type,
std::istream &    in,
std::ostream &    out,
std::ostream &    err,
bool    default_int = false

creates a new interpreter and adds it to the list.

check first if we do not already have one with have_one() function

Interpreter * InterpreterHandler::get_default  

returns the default interpreter.

If there is only one, this one will be returned. If there is no default interpreter, or if there are no interpreters 0 will be returned

Interpreter * InterpreterHandler::get_one std::string    name

Interpreter * InterpreterHandler::get_one Interpreter::Type    type

returns an interpreter that matches this type.

returns 0 if no interpreter of this type was found if the EType of the type is DEFAULT the default interpreter will be returned

bool InterpreterHandler::have_default  

bool InterpreterHandler::have_one Interpreter::Type    type

checks, if we already have such an type of interpreter.

Member Data Documentation

interpreter_list InterpreterHandler::il [private]

Precompiler& InterpreterHandler::precompiler [private]

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