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MenuBase Class Reference

base class handling the item and the menu tag. More...

#include <menu.h>

Inheritance diagram for MenuBase::

Tag Item Menu List of all members.

Public Methods

 MenuBase (Line &line, std::string tag_type)
 MenuBase ()
bool operator! () const
 class not valid? More...

std::string get_name () const
 returns the name. More...

std::string get_href () const
 returns the href option. More...

std::string get_subdir () const
 returns the subdir option. More...

std::string get_title () const
 returns the title. More...

std::string get_tag_type () const
 returns something like "menu". More...

std::string get_pre () const
std::string get_post () const
std::string get_post_backwards () const
std::string get_pre_backwards () const
std::string get_post_forwards () const
std::string get_pre_forwards () const
int get_indent_number () const
std::string get_indent_type () const
std::string get_highlight_type () const
std::string get_highlight_active_type () const
std::string get_highlight_menu_type () const
std::string get_highlight_active_menu_type () const
std::string get_blockquote_principe () const
std::string get_title_type () const
std::string get_title_menu_type () const
std::string get_title_highlight_type () const
std::string get_title_highlight_menu_type () const
std::string get_target () const

Private Attributes

std::string name
std::string href
std::string subdir
std::string title
std::string tag_type
std::string pre
std::string post
std::string post_backwards
std::string pre_backwards
std::string post_forwards
std::string pre_forwards
std::string highlight_type
 something like "//h2\TITLE///h2\//br\". More...

std::string highlight_active_type
 something like "//b\TITLE///b\//br\". More...

std::string highlight_menu_type
 something like "//h2\TITLE///h2\//br\". More...

std::string highlight_active_menu_type
 something like "//b\TITLE///b\//br\". More...

int indent_number
 the number of indent_types; default is -1. More...

std::string indent_type
 default is " ". More...

std::string blockquote_principe
std::string title_type
std::string title_menu_type
std::string title_highlight_type
std::string title_highlight_menu_type
std::string target
bool is_valid_tag

Detailed Description

base class handling the item and the menu tag.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MenuBase::MenuBase Line   line,
std::string    tag_type

MenuBase::MenuBase   [inline]

Member Function Documentation

std::string MenuBase::get_blockquote_principe   const [inline]

std::string MenuBase::get_highlight_active_menu_type   const [inline]

std::string MenuBase::get_highlight_active_type   const [inline]

std::string MenuBase::get_highlight_menu_type   const [inline]

std::string MenuBase::get_highlight_type   const [inline]

std::string MenuBase::get_href   const [inline]

returns the href option.

if the href is not set it returns ""

int MenuBase::get_indent_number   const [inline]

std::string MenuBase::get_indent_type   const [inline]

std::string MenuBase::get_name   const [inline]

returns the name.

if the name is not set it returns ""

std::string MenuBase::get_post   const [inline]

std::string MenuBase::get_post_backwards   const [inline]

std::string MenuBase::get_post_forwards   const [inline]

std::string MenuBase::get_pre   const [inline]

std::string MenuBase::get_pre_backwards   const [inline]

std::string MenuBase::get_pre_forwards   const [inline]

std::string MenuBase::get_subdir   const [inline]

returns the subdir option.

if the subdir is not set it returns ""

std::string MenuBase::get_tag_type   const [inline]

returns something like "menu".

Reimplemented from Tag.

std::string MenuBase::get_target   const [inline]

std::string MenuBase::get_title   const [inline]

returns the title.

if the title is not set it returns ""

std::string MenuBase::get_title_highlight_menu_type   const [inline]

std::string MenuBase::get_title_highlight_type   const [inline]

std::string MenuBase::get_title_menu_type   const [inline]

std::string MenuBase::get_title_type   const [inline]

bool MenuBase::operator!   const [inline]

class not valid?

Reimplemented from Tag.

Member Data Documentation

std::string MenuBase::blockquote_principe [private]

std::string MenuBase::highlight_active_menu_type [private]

something like "//b\TITLE///b\//br\".

std::string MenuBase::highlight_active_type [private]

something like "//b\TITLE///b\//br\".

std::string MenuBase::highlight_menu_type [private]

something like "//h2\TITLE///h2\//br\".

std::string MenuBase::highlight_type [private]

something like "//h2\TITLE///h2\//br\".

std::string MenuBase::href [private]

int MenuBase::indent_number [private]

the number of indent_types; default is -1.

std::string MenuBase::indent_type [private]

default is " ".

bool MenuBase::is_valid_tag [private]

Reimplemented from Tag.

std::string MenuBase::name [private]

std::string MenuBase::post [private]

std::string MenuBase::post_backwards [private]

std::string MenuBase::post_forwards [private]

std::string MenuBase::pre [private]

std::string MenuBase::pre_backwards [private]

std::string MenuBase::pre_forwards [private]

std::string MenuBase::subdir [private]

std::string MenuBase::tag_type [private]

Reimplemented from Tag.

std::string MenuBase::target [private]

std::string MenuBase::title [private]

std::string MenuBase::title_highlight_menu_type [private]

std::string MenuBase::title_highlight_type [private]

std::string MenuBase::title_menu_type [private]

std::string MenuBase::title_type [private]

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