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Leo<HTML> is a HTML precompiler for static page generation.

When I created my homepage I had the problem that HTML is a very simple document language. I missed many features of a real programming language. The compiler solves some of these problems.

The idea behind Leo<HTML> is to create new HTML tags. These tags will be detected and processed by the compiler.

Maybe you wanna see an example:

Define a simple tag:  
<define name=mail PAR_1_STRING=to>  
function mail( to ) {  
  print( "<a href=\"mailto:\"" + to + "\">" + to + "</a>" );  
Calling the tag:  
That's my email address: <mail to=kingleo@gmx.at>.   

You wanna see more? Have a look on the Online Documentation.

Leo<HTML> is well documented:

Leo<HTML> Users Guide
Do I have to comment this really? Users Guide

Developers Doc
The documentation of the sources of Leo<HTML> . Developers

Who should use Leo<HTML> ?
I'm a programmer. I can't stand HTML. It's to simple. So I created this application.
But it's not necessary to be a programmer to use Leo<HTML> . You should known HTML and if you wan't to create larger pages you should be common with Java Script. That's all.
And of course, you should be able to create a webpage without a WYSIWYG tool. Of course, if you wan't you can create a page first with such a tool, to use its output as the base for your project with Leo<HTML> . But I think that makes not much sense.

Can I use Leo<HTML> for dynamic page genearation like php?
Leo<HTML> was never designed for dynamic page generation. If you write a apache module it would be possible, but the compiler will be to slow. Use it for what is was created for: static page generation.

Why should I use Leo<HTML> and not WML instead?
The difference between WML and Leo<HTML> is that WML uses a meta language and Leo<HTML> simply tries to extend HTML.
Of course the output will be the same, but it is your choise which one of the tools you wan't to use.
In fact Leo<HTML> is smaller and maybe a little bit easier to use than WML. For very large projects WML will be your tool.
I think Leo<HTML> is better for the small stuff. But as you can see on this page and first of all on the documentation as on King Leo 's webpage, large projects are possible too.
But on both systems, if you do not use a strict design for webpage generation, you will have many problems.

This page was created by King Leo . Page generator was Leo<HTML> version 1.0.0 .