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function nsection( text, title, date, from )  
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  print( "</td><td bgcolor=\"M_SECTION\">" );  
  print( "<div align=right><small><b class=\"title\">" + date + "</b></small></div>" );  
  print( "</td></tr>" );  
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  print( text );  
  print( "<p><div align=\"right\">", from, "</div></p>" );  
  print( "</td></tr></table>" );    
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<nsection title="Version 0.99.0 reached" date="2001-11-30">  
It was a long and winding road, but now <leohtml> has reached Version 0.99.0!  
I think it is a good peace of software. <leohtml> is now more flexible  
than ever.<br>  
The brand new features are:<br>  
 <li>user defined tag support</li>  
 <li>advanced init system</li>  
 <li>a useful Javascript library for:  
     <li> File access </li>  
     <li> HTML Lexer </li>  
     <li> Basic tag classes </li>  
     <li> ... </li>  
    and much more features.  
 <li>rewritten hompage as users guide</li>  
 <li>new examples</li>  
and much more.  
Now <leohtml> has reached the point of maximum evolution.  
There is no way improving <leohtml> by using this source code.  
 I already have some ideas, but this will require a complete rewrite of  
 the compiler. So development of this branch of <leohtml> will be stopped  
 and the development tree for version 2 will be startet.  
 And the answer of the question: <i>why is this not release 1.0?</i> <br>  
 The documentation should be improved, as completed. The application  
 should be stable enought for being version 1.0.   
  Feel free to send any comments to <mail to=kingleo say=me>.  
So, have a lot of fun,  
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