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<include file="top.lhhtml"> 
<lconf pos="/init" pagename="init"> 
<section link="/init"> 
  <locale language="en"> 
If you wan't to know which init scans are be used, 
this command line option can be used. 
  <locale language="de"> 
Wenn du wissen willst welcher init scans verwendet werden, 
dann verwende diese Kompilierungsoption. 
<example title="Init Definition" mode="fixed"> 
  -ii   --init_info  
<example title-de="Beispiel Ausgabe:" title-en="Example Output:" mode="fixed"> 
cd /home/martin/cvs/leohtml/doc/dev2/compile/ 
make init-de-source.html 
../../../src/leohtml -ew -ii -if init.lhtml -of init-de-source.html -lc source de 
init: include(0) 
init: locale(0) 
init: charset(0) 
init: locale(0) 
init: define(0) 
init: faq(0) 
init: user(0) 
init: person(0) 
init: interpreter(0) 
init: functions(0) 
init: macros(0) 
init: page_type(0) 
init: includefile(0) 
init: lmenu(0) 
init: menu(0) 
init: image(0) 
init: filelink(0) 
init: filelist(0) 
init: delete(0) 
<lang en text="The number behind the scan name is the scan level."> 
<lang de text="Die Zahl hinter dem Namen des Scans ist das Scan-Level."> 

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