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Sources of stuff.html:
<include file="top.lhhtml"> 
<lconf pos="/stuff" pagename="stuff"> 
<section link="/stuff/help" local="help"> 
<example mode="fixed" title-de="Hilfe und Version Definition" title-en="Help and Version Definition"> 
  -h    --help     
  -v    --version  
<!-- ****************************** --> 
<section link="/stuff/oms" local="oms"> 
  <locale language="en"> 
If you wan't to compile a page that uses the old macro substitution style 
you'll have set this option. 
  <locale language="de"> 
Wenn du eine Seite kompilieren willst, die noch die alte Makro substitution 
verwendet, dann muß du diese Option setzten. 
<example mode="fixed" title="OMS Definition"> 
  -oms  --old_macro_style   

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