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Line Class
The Line class represents one line of a lexed file. (see also: Lexer Class). A line of the lexed file has not much to du with the original line of the source file.


Class: Line



Line( String line );

Line( Line other_line );


Bool is_valid();

Null rebuilt();

String get_directory(); // director info

String get_file_name(); // original file name

String get_tag();

String get_orig_tag(); // original tag

String get_tag_type();

Integer get_line_number(); // original line number

Integer get_cursor_pos(); // original column number

String get_line(); // the whole line

Null set_directory( String path );

Null set_file_name( String file_name );

Null set_tag( String tag );

Null set_orig_tag( String orig_tag );

Null set_tag_type( String tag_type );

Null set_line_number( Integer line_number );

Null set_cursor_pos( Integer cursorpos );

Null set_line( String line );

String get_tag()
This string contains the current line, or if there is a tag in the line the tag.

String get_tag_type();
If the line is a tag, this string contains the name of it. For the <foobar> tag this would be "foobar". And for the </foobar> tag this would be "/foobar".
If the line contains not a tag this string is empty.

Null rebuilt();
If you changed any field of the line class by using one of the "set" functions, the "line" string won't be correct any more. This function rebuilts the "line" string out of the other field informations.

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