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Tag Class
The Tag handles tags. It parses it and allows easy usage of it.


Class: Tag



Tag( String tag );

Tag( Line line );


Bool is_valid();

Bool has_option( String option_name );

String get_option( String option_name );

Bool set_option( String option_name, String value = "", Bool file_if_set = false);

String get_tag();

String get_tag_type();

Null set_tag_type( String tag_name );

Line get_line();

Null rebuilt_tag();

Null delete_option( String option_name );

Null delete_default_options(); // deletes the level option

Integer get_number_of_options();

String get_options();

String get_option_name( Integer option_number );

String get_option_value( Integer option_number );

Integer get_level();

Every tag consists of a tag name and options. The Tag class parses a string or a Line that contains a tag and splits up the name, the options and it's values.
Now you can search for options and their values and manipilate them.
Then you can rebuilt the tag with the rebuilt_tag() function and get the new tag with the get_tag() function.

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