Defining own tags

Defining own tags
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Maybe you wan't to define an email tag:


// The tag:
<email to="kingleo@gmx.at">

// The result:

This can be implemented quiet simple:

<define name="email" PAR_1=to> 
function email( to ) { 
  print( "<a href=\"mailto:\"" + to + "\">", to, "</a>" ); 

Now I'll explain how to implemented the example boxes I heavy used on this side.
To implement such a box you'll need an open and a close tag.


// the tag:

  bla bla bla bla bla bla  bla bla
  bla bla bla bal blab alblabl abl 

// the result

<define name="example" type="open_close_tag"> 
function example( text ) { 
 print( "<table width=\"100%\" class=\"table_example\">" ); 
 print( "<tr>" ); 
 print( "<td>" ); 
 print( "<pre class=\"example\">" ); 
 print( text ); 
 print( "</pre>" ); 
 print( "</td>" ); 
 print( "</tr>" ); 
 print( "</table>" ); 

That's it.

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