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Char Tag
From time to time you wan't to use a text, that contains special characters like "öäü" or other stuff.
In this case the char tag is useful.

Char Tag Definition:

<char (type: open_close_tag)
char_set (info: used character set)

The only option of this tag is the name of the actual used character set, that has to be converted to HTML. when using the german the character set of your choise would be "latin1".
The character set conversion is realiced by the recode lib. So if you wan't to know the supported char set's have a look at the man page.
There is a list of all currently supported character sets: recode-char-set.txt


// before
<char latin1>
hello, this is <b>funny</b> ÜÖä

// after
hello, this is &lt;b&gt;funny&lt;/b&gt; &Uuml;&Ouml;&auml; äöü

You'll detect fast that the char tag is not useful for converting all the special characters like ÖÜä in you page.
The usefule workarounds are discribed at the Examples: Documentation

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