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Image Tag

Images are included in a HTML page via the img tag. This tag supports defining the width and height of an image. If these informations are given the browser has not to load the image to know its size and can start rendering the page earlier. If the browser knows all the geometries of all images of an page, the rendering of the side becomes much faster.

But it's laboriously to detect all the sizes of all the images. As the result Leo<HTML> supports the image tag. It detects itself the geometry of an image. Therefore it only requieres access to the original image.

Image Tag Definition:

<image (type: simple_tag)
src="image.jpg" (optional)
origfile="image.jpg" (optional) (info: original image or path to it)
width="XXX" (optional) (calculated)
height="XXX" (optional) (calculated)
alt="some text" (optional) (calculated)
lowscr="low-image.jpg" (optional)
border="XXX" (optional)
class="some css class" (optional)
style="some css style" (optional)
nowarning (optional) (info: suppress warnings)

src Option
The images name on the web page. If this option is not given the image name, declared in the origfile option will be used.

origfile Option
This option will be used to find the original image. If this option is not given the src option will be used. You can also define here only the path to the original image, the compiler will tries to search for the image in the given direcory with the name of the image in the src option.
This option, or the src option, or both, have to be used to make the tag valid. Otherwise you'll get an error.

width and height Option
If the Option is given it won't be touched. If not, it would be calculated.
If the value of the option is an percentage value eg.: "80%" the image geometry will be caculated and 80% of the real value will be taken.

alt Option
If this option is given it won't be touched. If not, the images name will be used.

lowsrc, border, class and style Option
This options will be directly passed to the img tag.

nowarning Option
To avoid typing errors, some warnings are reported, but maybe you don't wan't to get them at every page compilation. If this Flag is set, only errors will be reported.

This page was created by King Leo . Page generator was Leo<HTML> version 0.99.0 .