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The idea behind this tags is to write a HTML page for two different languages, by using only one source file. Therefore Leo<HTML> support two tags. One for larger pararagraphs and one for a simple sentence.

When you call the compiler tell him which language he has to use and the compiler does the rest.
How to tell him which language should be used is described in the compiling docs: Documentation

Locale Tag Definition:

<locale (type: open_close_tag)
language="de, en" (info: used languages)
default (optional) (info: is default locale)

The usage is very simple:


<locale> // mark localisation start
   <locale language="en"> // start first language section

     Once apon a time there was a man...

   </locale> // language section end
   <locale language="de"> // start second language section

     Es war einmal vor langer Zeit ein Mann...

   </locale> // language section end
</locale> // locale end

This side useses locales too. Just click at here: Show Source to watch the sources of this side. Find it's locales! Of course you can define more than two language sections. It is possible too, to define one default language via the default option that should be used if for the current language no section can be found.
And if one sektion should be used for more than one language you can add all languages to the language option by separating them with a comma.
The locale tag is fine, but from time to time you wan't to use a shorter way for short localisations. The tag of your choise will be this tag:

Lang Tag Definition:

<lang (type: simple_tag)
lang (info: used language)
text="foo bar foo" (info: used Text)

It's usage is simplier than the locale tag. Click again here: Show Source and search for the lang tag. You'll detect yourself how it has to be used.

This page was created by King Leo . Page generator was Leo<HTML> version 0.99.0 .