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Leo<HTML> processes during compiling various scans. This tag supports manipulting the chronological order and number of scans. Every scan has a specific level too. A scan will only recognise these tags that are at the same level like the scan. Internaly Leo<HTML> uses a table to store the scans and goes it step by step down. That's the init table.
If you do not define an init table the compiler uses the default init table, by trying to detect which scan is required and which one not.
You can define your own init table too, by simple writing it somewhere into the source file. But be aware, there is only one init table per page possible.

This is the sheme, for an init table:


<init> // start of the init table
   <init .....> // an entry
   <init .....> // an other entry
   <init .....>
   <init .....>
   <init .....>
</init> // end of the init table

Init Tag Definition:

<init (type: simple_tag)
level="0" (optional)

At the scan option the name of the scan has to be given and the level option allows selecting a level. You can define also a range of levels, eg: scan="1-4" or more than one scan level: scan="1,3,8" , or mixing both: scan="1,3,4-9,12". The default level at the init tags, as at the normal tags is 0.
In most cases you do not wan't to write a complete new init table, you wan't to manipulate the existing one. This can be done, by writing a special init table:


<init (type: simple_tag)
insert (optional)
append (optional)
remove (optional)
move (optional)

The init table starts with this special init tag and continues with the init scans thet should be inserted, removed,....


<init append scan="menu"< // start of the special init table
   <init scan="foo">
   <init scan="bar">

Ok, this table inserts the "foo" and the "bar" scan after the "menu" scan.

Removing a specific scan:
<init remove scan="menu"> 

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