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Leo<HTML> supports a JavaScript Interpreter. for using this interpreter the application has to be compiled with ixlib support.

The principe of the interpreter is, that somewhere within the page a function is defined and on an other position at the page the function can be called.

Therefor there are two tags: the script and the function tag.

I won't explain the interpreter nor the builtin functions here. For these Informations have a look at the Documentation .

The script tag is very similar to the script tag defined in HTML 4 standard.

Script Tag Definition:

<script (type: open_close_tag)
name="interpreter_name" (optional)

The type of the script has to be "leohtml/javascript".

By using the name option you can define that this code has to be processed by the interpreter of the defined name. If no Interpreter with this name exist a complete new independent interpreter will be created.

<script type="leohtml/javascrip"> 
function foo( a, b c ) { 
  print( "a:", a, "b:", b, "c:" ); 

The script tag is thought for defining functions. For calling them this tag should be used.

Function Tag Definition:

<function (type: simple_tag)
call=" ... "
type="name" (optional) (info: interpreter name)

At the call option some javascript code can be given. If not the tag does nothing useful.

At the type option you can declare the name of the interpreter that has to be used. You can declare the name by setting it as option too:


// The interpreter that has to be used has the name "foobar"

<function call="do_something( 'hello' );" foobar>

// alternate methode
<function call="do_something( 'hello' );" type="foobar">

This page was created by King Leo . Page generator was Leo<HTML> version 0.99.0 .