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On the w3 homepage you will find the definition af HTML tags. I Think we all know how a HTML tag looks like. Leo<HTML> does not fully support the HTML 4.0 standard.
There are some limitations:

All these limitations only affect to tags that are evaluated by Leo<HTML> . All tags that are unknown to Leo<HTML> will be ignored. Consequently it is absolutely nonrelevant if the pragramm recognises a tag that it has not to know.

Tags have to be in one single line!

// valid 
<img src="foobar.jpg" width="123" height="123"> 
// invalid 
<img src="foobar.jpg"  
  width="123" height="123"> 

HTML 4.0 allows this, Leo<HTML> not!

But from time to time it is easier to split up a tag over several lines. This can be done by adding a Backslah at the and end, as the last sign of a line at the end of the line.

<img src="foobar.jpg" \  
  width="123" height="123"> 

But be careful! The Backslash has to be really the last sign of the line. No Space has to be there after the Backslash.

Tags are casesensitive!
Leo<HTML> is casesensitiv. That means that "HELLO" and "hello" are two completely different words

// valid 
<image src="foobar.jpg"> 
// Valid, but the tag won't be detected as image tag by compiler. 
<IMAGE src="foobar.jpg"> 
<iMAge src="foobar.jpg"> 
// this will give you a warning (missing src option) 
<image SRC="foobar.jpg">  

I'll explain the definition of a tag by using the img tag.

Img Tag Definition:

<img (type: simple_tag)
src="image.jpg" (info: path to an image file)
width="xxxx" (optional) (calculated) (info: image width)
height="xxxx" (optional) (calculated) (info: image height)
alt="bla bla bla" (optional) (info: descritpion)
border="xxx" (optional) (default value: 2) (info: border width)

If you know the img tag all should be clear. All tags in this guide will be described this way.
First of all there are two tag types. The single_tag and the open_close_tag. The img tag is a single_tag; and the code tag is an open_close_tag.


// single_tag
<img src="foo.jpg">

// open_close_tag
<code>fobar foo bar barfoo</code>

Options that are market with (calculated) will, if this option wasn't defined by you, calculated. At the img tag the browser will load the image and reads himself the dimensions of the image. If you give him the dimension of the image he won't have to calculate it himself.

In many cases the short description of the tag won't be enouth, then the option will be described more exactly down on the page.

This page was created by King Leo . Page generator was Leo<HTML> version 0.99.0 .